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The delayed coking is the process of thermal cracking the residual oil and transformed into gas, light , middle distillate oil and coke. it is the main method for refinery to improve the efficiency of light oil and produce petroleum coke.
Our company unit the design institute, and supplied the complete set of delayed coking device for Sinopec Qilu branch, China National Chemical C orporation Changyi petrochemical company, China National Chemical Corporation Zhenghe petrochemical company and Shangdong Lijing petrochemical company. Our company can provide the design, manufacture, installation and debugging of delayed coking device for users, as well as the operating EPC general contracting services.

The delayed coking project our company applied to China National Chemical Corporation Shandong changyi petrochemical branch. It is designed, manufactured, installed and debugged by our company. It reached all the required technical index when the first time put into operation.

he complete set of delayed coking unit our company manufacture was applied to Sinopec Qilu branch.

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