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We placed two, three or four horizontal grid polar plates from coordinate direction inside of desalting vessels. One layer of horizontal grid polar plate is electriferous and the other layer connects with ground to form an electric field. To adjust the spaces between the electriferous plate and grounding plate we can get feeble electric field, intermediate electric field and highfield after research. Highfield area in AC-DC desalting vessel should be close to the centerline of desalting vessel in order to get the biggest horizontal cross-sectional area. The 100% impedance desalting transformer fixed above the top of desalting vessel inducts high-voltage surge through high-voltage flexible introduce equipment to electriferous plates of every layer. Inject demusifier and washing water emusion into the crude oil and then the mixture outflows from the oil-taking distributor which is at the bottom of desalting vessel, after this the mixture goes through AC feeble electric field, intermediate electric field and the highfield orderly. Under the electric field force little drops accumulate to big ones, but since poor proportion of oil-water the drops subside to the bottom of the vessel, the extrait flows to the top of desalting vessel and then exports from crude oil manifolds to outside of desalting vessel. Because of high water content of crude oil’s strong adaptation and high intensity of machines should be needed by the AC-DC desalting technology , it is widely used in the oil field especially in offshore oil field.

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