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AC-DC desalting & dewatering technology is a kind of patent technology developed by China Petrochemical Luoyang Chemical Engineering Corporation and our company. This technique adopted boost rectification integrative single-phase half-wave rectifier direct current supply equipment which transports positive-negative DC to positive-negative plates in the vessel. Cathode alternative with anode along the axis from left to right in the electric vessel where a certain number of changeable polar space mesh plates are hanging. To change plate structure and polar space, direct current feeble electric field, intermediate electric field and highfield can be achieved. Direct current high field’s structure is netted texture which contains homogeneous distribution and it benefits the tiny drops to reach and conglomeritic on the plates. Through this the desalting and dewatering efficiency has been highly improved.

Single-phase half-wave rectifier direct equipment has been adopted during AC-DC desalting process. It is shown as in the figure, volts d. c. on the positive and negative plates is always half a sine wave form, but because there is the capacitance between the plates and continued discharge will occur when the potential charged to peak value. Then voltage waveform achieves on the positive-negative plates as shown below. Since alternate appears of voltage on the positive-negative plates, alternative electric field will be occurred among the lower extreme end sheet and oil-water boundary. This alternative electric field can prevent rusty caused by single current supply electric field. The intensity of electric field is always arranged to be feeble, from this, part of bigger drops in emulsified mixture can be conglomerated and deprivated. Emulsified mixture without drops move upward and it goes through direct current feeble electric field, intermediate electric field and highfield orderly. When emulsified mixture goes through direct current electric field, under the action of electric field force, the salt drops in emulsified mixture also occurs dipolar nature, the adjacent drops are also conglomerated. Because of vertical distribution dipole polarsensitive drops’ position in direct current electric field is unstable and under the electric field force the drops’ positive-negative plates begin to move then the phenomenon of transverse electric katphorissi happened. Emulsified mixture and drops make up-and-down movement, through this the probability of drops’ collision and coalescence improved greatly compared to AC electric field. After going through direct current feeble electric field and intermediate electric field most part of salt drops in emulsified mixture has been deprivated, only left salt microsphere. Netted texture of direct current high field’s structure makes tiny drops accumulate on the plates totally or when the drops reach the plates and get charges they will accelerate movement to the opposite polarity plates and meanwhile, they can collide and conglomerate with water drops. That’s why desalting & dewatering effects of such patent technology is higher than that of other technology. In addition, passive and negative polar in DC loop are half-wave voltage, loop is not directly constructed by two polar plates, DC voltage from each polar plate is 45% of AC voltage. Conductive current exist under condition of current release between polar plates. Thus power consumption can be reduced and only needs that of 50% of full-waves rectifier form. But between the plates there is a certain number of electric capacity and timeout occurs when positive-negative plates falling down. Please see the following figure, thus electric field exists between the polar plates. This is the real reason AC-DC desalting plant can save more energy than AC desalting plant.

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