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To the question that high-speed electric desalting technology is not able to handle heavy viscous crude oil, our research specialist staffs independently developed dual-feed and dual electric-field technology which has five patents and is a new and advanced technology worldwide. This technology has matured through 6 years continuous improvement and consummatation. This technology has been widely applied for heavy viscous crude oil treatment of petrochemical and gas-turbine power generation field. Take an example, many users adopt such technology to handle crude oil (its specific gravity is 0.98g/cm3 under viscosity 250Cst @50℃),after treatment, Na+K contents is no more than 0.7ppm and Ca content less than 2ppm. At present, complete dual-feed and dual electric-field desalting & dewatering treatment plant with annual capacity of 5 million tons has been put into operation by Changyi petrochemical, a branch of China petrochemical cooperation.

Whether AC, AC-DC or high-speed electric desalting technology, their high voltage electrostatic fields are placed below or around the centerline of desalting vessel, space over centerline has no effects on crude oil desalting & dewatering. This technology just takes full advantage of space over centerline of desalting vessel, making such space full of semi-hermetic high voltage electrostatic field which can take on 40%-50% of treatment capacity. Due to 40%-50% treatment capacity off the total amount, Ws, namely rising velocity of emulsified liquid which is made from mixing among crude oil, demulsifier and washing water under both downside and upside high voltage electrostatic field around centerline of desalting vessel are lowered, assuring the effective separation and settlement of oil and water.

Features of Dual-feed and dual electric-field technology:
1.Upside and downside oil-feed pipes is placed outside of desalting vessel, flow meter and flow adjustment valve are mounted on oil-feed pipes, thus crude oil treatment capacity of upside and downside electric field can freely regulated.
2.Salty water removed by upside electric field will fall down, and purified oil after treated by downside electric field will rise up separately, they won’t mix together again.
3.Automatic back-flushing devices are mounted on both bottoms of upside and downside electric field, which can assure silt and impurities far away from deposit.
4.The vessel’s dimension with such technology is less than that of adopting other technologies, and makes initial investment get down 30% around.

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